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What is “Metered Broadband?”

pulling-hairLet’s take an example of an average consumer surfing around the net to download a movie for his/her entertainment.  Imagine going to a site and paying an obvious fee to download a movie to watch and to find out later that the company you subscribe to for your internet service says you have exceed your monthly allowance for bandwidth and you will be charge at some rate for every byte of information over your not so unlimited bandwidth plan……huh????  Companies are now prescribing “metering,” “tiering,” and all all sorts of other methods.  Your not the only one on the chopping blocks……large companies/content owners also use the same service providers and are at risk as well.  Sounds very inhibiting doesn’t it?  I for one am totally against the usage based pricing model and so should you be.  I am all for entrepeneurship and capitalism but charging on the front end and then getting side swiped on the back end is just too much.

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